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Practice Areas

Financial and Business Assessment


We'll evaluate the health of your enterprise, highlighting areas that have the potential to make or break your business (e.g. regulatory, compliance, performance metrics, profitability, and overall business risk).

Ongoing CFO Management Services


Our CFO services offer the benefit of an on-staff CFO without the full-time commitment. We'll provide a detailed management review of monthly financials and ongoing phone and email support. 

Project-based CFO Services

We'll help you design and execute key initiatives with analytics, strategic planning, and business and financial structuring. We can be your sole resource for these projects or work with your team.

Human Resources  Assessment


We'll evaluate your people practices to identify those that support business goals and any that need attention (e.g. compliance, culture, performance and accountability, employee relations, recruitment and workforce planning, compensation, leadership capacity, and engagement). 

Ongoing Human Capital Services


Our EntreeHR services offer leaders peace-of-mind and an experienced sounding board for daily employee relations and HR concerns. We'll help build the leadership team's ability to build workplaces where employees want to, and do, their best work in the service of company goals.

Project-based Human Capital Services


We'll help you create and implement programs that support the your strategic plan and enable you to respond to changing conditions (e.g. job design and organization structure, change management, engagement, accountability practices, leadership development, compensation practices, and performance management systems).

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