Finance and Human Capital Professionals
Experienced. Innovative. Entrepreneurial.

Challenges We Address


A positive or concerning change has occurred and something needs to be addressed.


Leaders are struggling to manage or control a part of their business.

Leaders want to build upon a current skillset or capability to better support their strategies.

Leaders need help navigating the complexities of running a company in today’s regulatory environment.


Why Work with Us?

We get you.

We're entrepreneurs, too, and we’ve been in your shoes. The challenges, the excitement, the struggles, the sleepless nights, the amazing first wins, and fears associated with success. That’s why we take an innovative and entrepreneurial approach to our work.


We’re business leaders, first.

While we have particular expertise in finance and human resources, we bring broad business leadership experience to bare in every client situation.


We’re scalable.

Our clients get access to the resources they need, when they need them, and at the skill level appropriate for the situation. 


Our work has synergy.

We know that financial and human resources practices are entwined and together drive organizational success. We specialize in both and take a holistic view of your business to help you optimize both and avoid inadvertent negative impacts on performance or culture.

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We're committed to your bottom line.

Our Practice Leaders

Tim Guthrie is president, and leads our finance practice of services. Lisa Haneberg leads our human capital services. Supporting us is a team of professionals that we deploy flexibly based on our clients' needs.

Executive Director,
Human Capital Services

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